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Hexachords Orb Composer S Pro v1.5 (x64)

Hexachords Orb Composer S Pro with crack and serial key

Hexachords Orb Composer S Pro

NEW ORB COMPOSER S SERIES The first Artificial Intelligence for composers. Orb is the name of the most accomplished music composition Artificial Intelligence in the world. It is designed for composers, bands, orchestrators or simply everyone fond of music.

What are the mod key features:

  • Music templates
    We propose 6 «basic» music templates to help you pre-select a musical environment: Orchestral, Strings, Piano, Electro, Pop-Rock and Ambient.
  • Own music structure
    Structure your song as you want! You can add as many blocks and bar items as you wish, it’s fast and easy!
  • Chord Progressions
    With the chord diagram, you can drag-and-drop all different chords, from simple to complex ones, and create your own harmony.
  • Instrument Combinations
    Choose the instruments you want to use for your composition, and for each instrument fine-tune settings easily.
  • Import melodies (MIDI)
    Import your melodies and use Orb to create your own musical arrangement or orchestration.
  • IconFullCompatibility
    Connect your VST/AU
  • indirect
    Now Orb Composer allows a direct connection to your favorite plug-ins instruments and effects

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