Become Uploader

If you want To become Uploader on CrackHub, then You have some experience of WordPress. If you have RDP then it’s Good. If you don’t have then you can work with Your Internet Connection.

How to Earn?

Yes, You can Earn money with our Site CrackHub with Pasting your Download Links on Paste4Earn.Com & Upload your files on Upload & Earn Site Like Upload4Earn, Uploadbuzz, Uploadocean, Uploadever, etc. You can Up to 24$ per 1000 Downloads with These sites which I mentioned.

Also If your work is Hard then I can Pay you 100$ Per Month. (If your Content Rank & Traffic is good, in case!)

How I Recieve My Payments?

You can Receive your Payments from Upload & Earn Sites & Past & Earn Site They mentioned the payment methods on These sites Pages. In my Case, I can Pay you with Any Payment Methods Like Paypal, Paytm, Bhim UPI, Bank Transfer (India Only), etc.

How to Become Uploader?

Email me here: [email protected], with Subject Become Uploader & also Add your experience Texts.

Best Regards,
CrackHub (Admin)